Nuts and Bolts Information

For workers, employers and Available Jones

My fee is the lowest in town and paid by the employer.  After the worker and employer have agreed upon a salary, Available Jones’ portion is 6%, and only for the first 520 hours of work, payable as you go along. 

Should the employer prefer to leave the worker on my payroll, the fee of 25% is invoked, and covers payroll taxes and issuance of all tax forms. 

Would-be workers need to meet with me, leave a resume and at least three reference contacts.  That means the name and title of supervisors, business owner, or  whoever gave you instructions and evaluated you.  I will of course, need a phone number so I can call that person.   Written letters of recommendation will be followed up by me with a phone call. 

Available Jones does not administer any test devices; keyboarding, personality profile nor aptitude tests.

1000 West Nifong Blvd., Building 5
Columbia, Missouri 65203-5678
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