Welcome to Available Jones

Available Jones is an employment agency for mature or retired people, a concept whose time has come. 

In any town, and especially in Columbia, Missouri, there are people who have retired, either voluntarily or involuntarily, and want to find a job.  They may be much younger than the expected retirement age, older (like me) but fully enamored of the rough and tumble world of business, with much to offer.  Some no longer need to work, but want to be involved.  This person is often willing to work for a figure far below their former professional earnings; the pleasure of contributing outweighs salary considerations.  Some may truly need to work, and wish to do so full-time, others want the freedom of working on a “project” or part-time basis. 

These people are likely to be free from the pressures of children at home, seldom are in the throes of a high-maintenance romance, and own a dependable vehicle.  With maturity comes the ability to deal with people, and to know how to proceed when the unexpected happens.  Can they use computers?  Some didn’t grow up in the computer age, they created the computer age.

It is my job to determine that they have the strong work ethic for which the mature generation is known, and to talk with former employers to check their resume credentials.

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Quickest, Easiest Hire

"Working with Jo was great. The person she recommended was an exact match for our needs - no wasting time on less than suitable candidates. This was the quickest, easiest hire I've ever made."
-Peggy King
Office & Communication Manager
Missouri Public Utility Alliance

Are You Seeking an Employee?


Would you pay 6%* not to have to go through the variety of responses you get from having an ad in the paper? 

For that 6%, (payable as we go along, not collected upfront)  I personally screen each person, check references, and apply my own intuition as to whether the applicant fits the criteria you set forth for the job. 

My agency, AVAILABLE JONES, specializes in mature (over 45, usually) people.   Some are extremely skilled in computers, others have held responsible administrative positions, and are now simply wanting to hang that responsibility up, and just be told what to do.    Some aren’t interested in whether the job offers benefits – they already have them – yet others only  wish to work part-time.

A few truly need a full time job, and are finding it hard because they’re over 40. 

Wish I had a dollar for every employer who tells me “I’m tired of trying to depend on some of these young people, they don’t know how to work, and they don’t want to work.” 

An attractive option is that you ask me to keep the worker on my payroll until such time as you decide the match is perfect.  That will cost 25% over their salary, and will include all payroll taxes, reporting and my 6%.

*6% of what, you may ask – my fee is 6% of whatever you and the employee agree upon as a salary.  Paid to me for 520 hours only.  Think of it as a tax – a tax which is worth it.  So, think of calling me next time you’re looking for help: temporary, part-time, full time, as-needed, we have excellent people.